Friday, May 20, 2011

International Conference on “Family Problems in the Islamic World”

International Conference on “Family Problems in the Islamic World” organized by the Union of Non-Governmental Organizations of the Islamic World (UNIW) with its member Indonesian Humanitarian Committee (KKI) was ended with the final declaration.


As the participants of the International Family Conference held on May 7-8th 2011 in Bandung- Indonesia on the theme of “Family Issues in the Islamic World: An Overview” with the participation of 150 NGO representatives, scholars, academicians and bureaucrats from 15 countries; we present the following issues to the attention of world public opinion:

1. Family is the most important institution, which has got no alternative, for sound individuals and societies. We expect that this importance accepted by all ancient religions and cultures will be realized today, as well; and the unity of family will be supported.

2. We propose that the social policies that facilitate family models based on Qur’an and Sunnah will be implemented in order that the problems produced by the modern culture and threatening the family institution are eliminated and the family is strengthened.

3. We attach importance to strengthening the relations of relatives in order to solve the problems originated from the nuclear family structure. In this regard, we demand that NGOs and governments develop joint projects in order to bring the culture of Silat al-Rahim (visiting family and relatives) back to life.

4. We think that solving the problems of the Islamic World such as poverty, division and ignorance must start in the family.

5. We demand that the Islamic countries develop socio-economic policies to protect and strengthen the family; and the NGOs, especially umbrella organizations like UNIW, conduct studies which will guide governments.

6. We recommend that government agencies and civil institutions do joint works for planning the physical and social environments that are suitable for family life.

7. We invite the mass-media that negatively affects the bio-psycho-socio development of the new generation to act sensitively; and to make publications respecting the family values and encouraging the family unity.

8. We demand the woman policies and the role of woman in social life to be arranged in a way that her essential duties in the family, her relations with her husband and children being in the first place, will not be prevented.

9. We underline the importance of providing all family members with social insurance, and the necessity of giving extra support to families with children, as well as old and disabled members who need nursing.

10. We propose that joint programs among Islamic countries be developed in order to promote marriage and make it easy, to educate family members before and after marriage, and to give moral support to the family.

11. We demand that legal regulations must be made in order to remove all kinds of obstacles before children education in accordance with the values adopt by families.

12. We emphasize that the traditional institution of arbitration should be brought to life in order to minimize divorces and the destructive effects it causes; and that the social mechanisms like family counseling centers should be made widespread.

5 Jumada al Thani 1432 / 8 May 2011

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